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Lavender shade discovery kit

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Aromatic discovery 2h30 vendredi 8 december 2023

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Flower aromas veal

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Flower spirit sachet

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Organic Clary Sage floral water 100 ml spray

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Organic Rosmary 100 ml spray

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Organic Thyme hydrolate 100 ml spray

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Bay leaves - Hydrolat organic 100 ml Spray

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Officinalis hyssopus - Hydrolat organic 100 ml Spray

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Organic Helichrysum hydrolat 100 ml spray

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Lavandin - Hydrolat organic 100 ml Spray

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Organic lavender hydrolat 100 ml spray

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» » How did our Quercy farm ended up producing essential oils?

How did our Quercy farm ended up producing essential oils?

Le Quercy: A Historical and Natural Treasure of Occitania


The name "Quercy" evokes a region rich in history and natural beauty. Located primarily between Tarn-et-Garonne and Lot, this area derives its name from the abundance of oak trees that characterize it, paying homage to the Latin word "quercus," which means oak. The heart of the Pays de Serre, the Quercynois territory where our charming village of Touffailles is nestled, offers rolling landscapes, plateaus, and valleys.


But Quercy extends beyond its enchanting landscapes. It is a historical and cultural gem, adorned with picturesque medieval villages, crisscrossed by rivers, and offering breathtaking panoramic views.


Yet, the history of Quercy reveals a lesser-known treasure: its production of essential oils, primarily lavender. Between 1930 and 1970, the "Royal Lavender of Quercy" produced here contributed to 10% of the national volume of essential oils of true lavender.



And what about the Ferme de Lacontal?

Today, the Ferme de Lacontal has rekindled this tradition since 2006. We cultivate and distill the plants entirely, and their extracts are available in our shop or on this website. We offer high-quality, 100% organic essential oils and floral waters, including lavender, rosemary, thyme, immortelle, sage, and lavandin.


We are also delighted to have been joined by other producers from Lot and Tarn-et-Garonne in our mission to revitalize Quercy's lavender. We look forward to welcoming you one day!


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