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Flower aromas veal

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1 bottle of organic essential oil, 1 hydrolat eau florale bio 200 ml , 1 sachet of flowers or dried plant in an elegant organza sachet.

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Flowers aromas veal

Choice of lavender, rosemary, thyme or helichrysum floral veil

1 dropper bottle of organic essential oil + 1 bottle of organic hydrolat spray - floral water - 200 ml + 1 sachet of flowers for scenting linen, to slip under the pillow...

Lavender veal : relaxation softness - purple organza veil : bottle of organic lavender angustifolia essential oil dropper 10 ml + hydrolat spray 200 ml + lavandin sachet for linen.

Rosemary veil: tonic detox -green organza veil: bottle of organic rosemary chemotype verbenone essential oil 5 ml dropper + 200 ml hydroalt spray + bag of rosemary leaves. For use in cooking and infusion.

Voile Thym: strength and vigor -blue organza veil: bottle of thyme essential oil, organic chemotype linalol, 5 ml dropper + hydroalt spray 200 ml + bag of thyme leaves and flowers. For cooking and infusion.

Helichrysum veil: youth and beauty - pink organza veil: bottle of organic Italian helichrysum (immortelle) essential oil dropper 2.5 ml + hydroalt spray 200 ml + bag of helichrysum flowers. For use in potpourri or maceration in vegetable oil.

Instructions for use included in each veil.

Tips: use the essential oil to perfume honey, and the hydrosol to flavor your herbal teas or drinking water.


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Flowers aromas veal

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