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Fine lavender mini spray 2 ml

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Fine officinal lavender oil 2 ml.
Tube with minispray
Lavandula angustifolia, Mill.

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Fine lavender mini spray 2 ml
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Fine lavender essential oil 2 ml

Fine officinal lavender oil - lavandula angustifolia, Mill - grown and distilled on the farm.   

2 ml minispray. Perfect to discover our oil or to advertise us to your friends.

Organic label being printed, available soon.


You can also find the fine officinal lavender in containers from 5 to 500ml with various caps -- droppers, roll-ons, sprays.


What is the fine lavender? 

The fine officinal lavender has a diversity of smells close to the wild lavender. In the field, each plant is unique as it comes from a different seed. In a plot of one hectare there are 12000 plants. Each plant grows at a different rate, develops a unique perfume and produces a different quality of essential oil. All of this permits to have a delicate perfume with thousands of nuances.


The composition of our lavender essential oils is analysed each year.

The chromatographic analyzes evaluate the amount of the components naturally existing in the essential oil (Linalol, Acétate de lynalyle......). We know the exact quality of each vintage of our essential oils. These analyzes are made and guaranteeded by an independent laboratory. 

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Fine lavender essential oil 2 ml

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