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Rosemary mini spray 2 ml

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Officinal Verbenone rosemary oil 2 ml.
Tube with minispray
Rosmarinus officinalis

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Rosemary mini spray 2 ml
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Fine lavender essential oil 2 ml

Organic rosemary ct verbenone essential oil - Rosmarinus officinalis L. verbenoniferum  - grown and distilled on the farm in an organic way.  Bottle of 2 ml with spray



The cultivation and the distillation of rosemary with an organic agriculture.

Since we decided to grow plants, we have chosen to do it without pesticides. We obtained the organic certification by Ecocert for our essential oils. The distillation made on the farm is an important event : we adjust our work to the weather and the maturity of the plant to ensure the best quality oil. 


The composition of our rosemary essential oil is analysed each year.

The chromatographic analyzes evaluate the amount of the components naturally existing in the essential oil. We know the exact quality of each vintage of our essential oils. These analyzes are made and guaranteeded by an independent laboratory. 


The packagings chosen maintain the quality of the oil and are suitable for different uses.

Bottles are dark to protect the essential oil from the light. We use glass for the little bottles and aluminium or pvc for the bigger ones.

Bottles with a dropper are useful for all multipurpose. Sprays and roll-ons sold individually can be used with every bottle from 5 ml to 100ml.

Small bottles are travel friendly. Big bottles can be used as temporary stock of future refill for the small ones.

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Fine lavender essential oil 2 ml

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