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Light lavender sachet

5.00 €

Officinalis hyssopus - organic essential oil

Rosemary CT verbenone - Organic essential oil - 1 liter

240.00 €

Rosemary CT verbenone - Organic essential oil - 500 ml

188.00 €

Organic lavandin essential oil 1 liter

105.00 €

Organic selection officinal lavender essential oil 1 liter

235.00 €

Organic fine officinal lavender essential oil 1 liter

270.00 €

Carré tonique romarin lavandin

15.00 €

Organic essential oil - Thymus CT linalol - 1,5 ml minispray

3.00 €

Organic essential oil - Clary Sage - 10 ml dropper

15.00 €

Organic essential oil - Clary Sage - 20 ml dropper

25.00 €

Organic essential oil - Clary Sage - 1,5 ml minisrpay

3.00 €

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GPS 44°16' 37''N & 01°02'24''E


from 2 pm to 6 pm

June July August : from monday to saturday

The whole year: thursday, friday, saturday

closed on sunday

Cultivateurs et distillateurs
Lavandes &

aromatiques BIO
15 ha de tradition familiale


Welcom chart to the fields & what to see at the farm

Lavender grown in the Quercy area was once known for its specific properties. From 1950 to 1970, the producers in the Quercy were producing 10% of all the French lavender oil production. It has now been a decade since we decided to come back and reintroduce the cultivation of that plant our grandparents and their neighbours grew before us. 


Here on our farm, we grow organic officinal lavender. We also distill it on the farm. Each product you may find here online or physically at our shop are made with our oil. We work with local craftpeople to propose by-products such as soaps, candles, sweets or meringues. 


You may come and enjoy our lavender fields blooming from mid-June to the end of July - it all depends on the weather. We then harvest and distill their flowers till the end of summer. 


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